Difference is your trademark


With focus on people

SpottingMe collaborates with clients that we would like to work for ourselves, and assignments that we would take if we had only had your unique personality and competence.

We carry out business development recruitment and we take on those who have a clear goal and purpose, as well as a challenge. Because we really like challenges and complexities.

Our target group of candidates and assignments are qualified key competencies within the leadership- and specialist segments - in basically all sectors.

Our aim is to find those candidates who have the best skillset and potential to be successful and to make a difference for our clients - and vice versa! When the mission of our client is in line with your next step. When you are what makes a difference.


Business developing recruitment is our expertise


Business development is the end result.

What makes the difference is our understanding of our clients challanges, culture of success and future.

By combining our passion and our focus, we are creating what we call Recruitment for Business developing

Our aim is to find those uniqe candidates that has the potential and skills requred to be successful and make a difference in their new position.


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